More than outsourced customer service, our award winning customer experience and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions are designed to enhance your customers’ brand experiences across all touch-points.

Serving many of the world’s most luxurious brands, our portfolio of services, steeped in 25 years of concierge heritage, is designed to elevate even your most discerning customers’ experiences.

Our award-winning suite of multi-channel customer care services include, Customer Service (via inbound phone, email, chat, SMS/MMS, and VIP Touches), Social Media Management, Back Office Support and Customer Experience Consulting.

We go beyond traditional call center services and create unique, relevant and interesting experiences across all touch-points. Delivering superior service at every interaction, we give your customers the option to choose the channel in which they wish to interact with your brand.

Customer Care Capabilities

  • Inbound premium U.S. based customer care, 24/7/365
  • Consultative sales cross-sell, up-sell, shopping recommendations/assistance, and reservations 
  • Customer service, product and order status inquiries, account status, returns and general information
  • Order processing and facilitation
  • VIP-Touches- to take customer experience to the next level, VIPdesk has developed  ‘VIP touches’ a suite of high-touch communication enhancements to make the interaction with the brand even more memorable. Handwritten cards, welcome calls, private event management and more which provides the ultimate experience for our clients’ most valuable customers.
  • Back office and BPO services
  • Peak and overflow volume management, ability to quickly scale for planning, and unplanned volume fluctuation
  • Customer welcome calls, enrollments, and surveys

Customer Care Features

  • Virtual home-based service delivery model
  • PCI Level 1 compliant technology platform
  • Phone, email, chat, SMS/MMS and social media channels
  • Client branded training university
  • Proprietary Brand Ambassador Training Program
  • Rigorous proprietary recruiting portal and process
  • Comprehensive reporting, data analytics, and program ROI
  • Unlimited capacity to scale

Benefits of VIPdesk Connect Customer Care

  • Increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction
  • Compelling economics and performance-based pricing
  • Reduce cost-per-contact and AHT
  • Increase average order size, spend and first-call resolution
  • Unlimited national recruiting pool to tap best talent
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Create memorable customer experiences and brand advocacy
  • Reduced carbon footprint-more environmentally friendly than traditional business models

At the end of the day, it is the performance results that we consistently deliver to our client-partners that really matter. Whether your goals are to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction or develop long-term relationships with your customers, VIPdesk Connect delivers as no other partner can.

Previous Results Include

  • Tripled sales conversion rates within 7 months of program launch
  • Improved customer satisfaction metrics by 27%
  • Reduce average handle time by 31% over in the first year of operation
  • Increase overall contact completion rate by 41%
  • Reduced cost per contact by $2.11; resulting in $1.8 million in annual savings

Social Media has changed the way businesses and customers communicate. In a fast-paced world where consumers’ offline and online brand experiences constantly intertwine, it is critical for brands to stay actively engaged, strategically weaving the brand promise into every interaction. That’s where we come in.

Recognizing that social media is such a critical component of Brand Experience Management, We offer Social Media Support Services to help clients manage and respond to social media dialog and measure the impact of those conversations.

Social Media Intelligence and Analytics provides analysis and insight into how your company and competitors are being represented via social media channels.

Social Media Customer Care Services provides proactive solutions for developing and maintaining brand strength utilizing social media platforms that make the most sense to your company.

Whether your company is just getting started with social media or looking to expand and elevate your presence, you can be confident that your customers will experience the same brand consistent and memorable care online as they do via phone, email and chat with VIPdesk Connect as your partner.

  • Easily capture data from across the social media landscape
  • Leverage an experienced team to analyze and identify trends
  • Leverage a partner to actively listen to conversations
  • Maintain consistent branding and messaging across your conversations
  • Participate in and understand global conversations
  • Merge social media data with other data sources
  • Integrate social media into your contact center strategy

Our Social Media Support Services allows you to:Social Media Customer Care

VIPdesk Connect’s Social Media Customer Care provides you with the tools you need to maintain your brand online. Starting with development of a social media strategy for integrating social media into your contact center, through deployment of a highly-skilled team to monitor and respond to your customers, Our clients entrust us to provide their customers with the same memorable customer service online as we do via phone, email and chat.

VIPdesk not only provides premium customer service, we also manage the critical back-office tasks that are an integral part of the overall customer service experience.

Management of our clients’ back office solutions extends our role of serving our client-partners with these critical functions needed to exceed target efficiency levels. We can help improve those operational efficiencies while reducing overhead and improving the accuracy and quality of your data, so you can have more time and resources to focus on more business critical objectives.

We combine our talented and dedicated team of elite brand ambassadors with our innovative technology and advanced analytics into a customized solution designed to meet your specific business needs.

Our back-office services include:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Conversion
  • Database Reconciliation
  • Document Management/Handling
  • Office of the President
  • Order Verification And Confirmation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Research And Analysis
  • Survey Collection

VIPdesk Connect is a leader of the virtual call center model and helps companies, large and small, implement virtual contact center solutions with proven success in increased productivity, reduced facility costs, improved sustainability and employee satisfaction.

Developing an effective virtual work program is a significant effort and the recipe for success includes a comprehensive program that includes policies, processes and procedures complemented by highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art service delivery technology.

We know that every company is unique, which is why we work fervently with every organization looking to implement a virtual-based solution.

Our Consulting Services consist of:

  • Implementation Best Practices
  • Tools and Platform
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Workforce Management
  • Leadership support

Our commitment to deliver your brand promise is something we are passionate about. We would be happy to show you what sets us apart and invite you to contact us, anytime, to discuss your outsourcing needs. As a matter of fact, we€™d love to invite you for a visit. You can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while we discuss your business needs.



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