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VIPdesk Leadership Highlight: Brenna Trush 

How an effective Controller enables VIPdesk to deliver CX excellence  

By: Caylin White  

 Brenna Trush

VIPdesk has built a strong Leadership team over the years.  

Leadership is an integral part of our success as we all know, and the people behind it make up the entire composition. The role of Controller is meant for an extremely patient, organized person that takes time on the details to truly optimize success 

Enter Brenna Trush! The Controller that holds VIPdesk together.  She not only tackles this but she goes above and beyond to hone her job into the best it can be. We have taken the time to sit down and learn more about Brenna and her role here at VIPdesk. 

Here is what we will cover in this exclusive leadership interview:  

  • We learn a little about Brenna, her role here and how long she has been with us at VIPdesk 
  • What Brenna did before VIPdesk and how she ended up with us 
  • Brenna’s three leadership qualities she feels she is honing and how they impact VIPdesk 
  • Why she chose VIPdesk and what she loves about working here 
  • Brenna describes your role and her day to day duties 
  • One quote Brenna feels has resonated with her in her life and why 
  • Brenna looks back 10 years and gives herself advice 
  • We learn Brenna’s professional goals and how she intends to make them a reality 
  • Brenna shares her favorite book and how it affected her  

Introduce yourself! What is your role here and how long have you been with us?  

Hello! My name is Brenna Trush – (I just got married, so soon to be Brenna Mahoney).  

For fun, I enjoy spending time at my family’s beach house, reading a good book, and enjoying the life of living in Old Town Alexandria with my husband, Len.  

My role at VIPdesk is the Financial Controller which means I create budgets, keep bills paid, and create financial reporting for all to enjoy.   

I have already been here for a year and the time has just flown by! 

VIPdesk Leadership Highlight: Brenna Trush

What did you do before VIPdesk and how did you end up with us?  

Prior to VIPdesk, I lived in Philadelphia and started my career at KPMG. After spending a few years auditing clients there, I jumped into the customer service and call-center world where I worked for a global company called International SOS.  

It was during my time there that I learned about how great VIPdesk is, as they were a partner of International SOS.  I made sure to reach out to Sally when I moved to DC two years ago in the hopes that I could be part of the VIPdesk team.  

It just so happened that the stars aligned, and the Controller position was needed. The rest is history. 

What are three leadership qualities you feel you are honing and how do they impact VIPdesk?  

Creativity. I always considered myself to be creative, but VIPdesk pushes me even more. I am constantly seeking to find new ways to present and analyze financial information that is more useful and enlightening to the company to help drive decision making.  

Clarity. Working at VIPdesk Connect has really taught me to think outside the box and gain new insights. The customer experience environment is always changing, and it has been such a wonderful thing to experience first-hand. I learn so much from everyone in the company – from executives to brand ambassadors – which is also constantly helping me to improve. 

Forward-Thinking. VIPdesk Connect has taught me how to be adaptable in the face of change. Change can be hard sometimes, but it is always good to challenge yourself to think two steps ahead – which is always important in the finance world. 

“Being able to hone these skills enables me to paint the big picture to our team members and show how they each fit in, how they help contribute to the overall mission and growth of our company, and how important they truly are.” – Brenna Trush, VIPdesk  

I am constantly looking for more ways to improve, gain new insights & clarity, and adapt to the ever-changing growth of the customer experience industry. I have learned a great many things in my time at VIPdesk Connect, and every day I continue to learn more! 

Why did you choose VIPdesk and what do you love about working here?  

A couple of things that drew me to VIPdesk immediately were the people and the promising future.  

When I met the executive team for the first time, I felt immediately welcomed and could tell these individuals exemplified the company’s core values: transparent, helpful, creative, flexible, and positive energy. I have always tried to live my life by these values, so I naturally found this company to be a good fit. 

I love working at VIPdesk because of our amazing culture and our people. The team at VIPdesk fosters such a positive & creative environment for its employees. I feel grateful to be part of a company that is so special.    

How would you describe your role and your day to day duties?  

I like to think of my role as the backbone for all the other departments.  

Our other departments such as Operations, Technology, People & Culture, Workforce Management, Recruiting, and Sales are focused keeping the wheels on the bus, and Finance is right behind them to provide support that enables them to all work together efficiently (and on budget). 

I truly believe I have the best role because my days are each a new and unique challenge which is just how I like it! As Controller, I get to work a little bit with every department.  

Aside from the typical day-to-day accounting (paying the bills, accruing revenue, etc.), I get a chance to lend my expertise to our other departments. For example, I find myself working to drive process improvements with our VP of People & Culture, Jen 

Other days I get to work closely with our VP of Sales and Marketing, Othmar and help price new work – which is especially fun when we win! On occasion I get to partner with our VP of Operations, Val and VP of Recruiting, Maggie to strategize on staffing. 

VIPdesk Leadership Highlight: Brenna Trush

What is one quote you feel has resonated with you in your life and why?  

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius 

This quote reminds me to keep a positive mindset –what we focus our time and energy on & what we think about …all creates our reality! Frustrating and stressful things happen all the time, but how we respond to it is our choice.  

I am not perfect, but I always try to choose positivity. 

If you could give yourself advice 10 years ago, what would it be and why?  

If I could go back 10 years ago, I would tell myself: “Hang in there. The hardest things in life are the most worth doing. All the long nights spent obtaining your MBA, and even longer nights obtaining your CPA, will all be worth it.

You’ll have a beautiful home in a city you love (Old Town, Alexandria), a wonderful career, and a husband that only annoys you sometimes.” 

What are your professional goals and how do you intend to make them a reality?  

I would love to help VIPdesk grow to its full potential and bring in more wonderful clients who share our values and love of quality customer experience.  

I am striving to help keep our prices competitive, make sure our operations are budgeted for success, and keeping our executives and operations team informed so that we can make this goal a reality! 

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Share your favorite book and tell us how it affected you!  

Growing up, I loved reading Harry Potter. I found myself identifying with the strong-willed female character, Hermione.  

She showed me that where others are given an advantage, you need to succeed with your tenacity and intelligence.  

Also, what is there not to love about the fascinating world of Hogwarts?! 

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Thanks for taking the time to care for others and shining bright about it.   

We appreciate all that you do to make the customer feel special.  A shout out to Brenna for continuing to showcase the VIPdesk values!  It’s people like you that make us better at what we do.  

If you would like to learn more about our services or the leadership team, reach out 


VIPdesk team 


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