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Delivering a Human-Centric Customer Experience 

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 Delivering a Human-Centric Customer Experience

What is human-centric customer service? 

Human-centric services mean that the company is committed to providing you tailor-made solutions that place the customer at the center of the solution design. It means it uses a human-based approach to customer service by creating a relationship with them.  

This type of service approach is focused on building a relationship with you and your customer. It dramatically differs from the more traditional product-centric service that focuses on pushing your products or solving the issue and moving on.  

Human-centric customer support means that you will experience a warmer and more “real” conversation, allowing for a positive relationship to develop with your customers. 

VIPdesk is dedicated to humanizing the customer service experience.  

Why Choose Human-Centric Customer Service? 

Saying you are going to be human-centric and executing that is two different things. First, you must find the value in solving problems with a human-centric mindset.  

It’s our responsibility to create a caring culture in order to have a happy team delivering great service.  It’s the humanity in people that connects us all.” – Sally Hurley, CEO VIPdesk 

Zappos leads the way when it comes to the human-centric customer service approach.  Here are 10 inspiring Zappos human-centric customer support stories. It is so important to include a humanized approach to everything that comes along with customer solutions.  

Delivering a Human-Centric Customer Experience

How to Implement Human-Centric Customer Service 

Here are a few ways to implement the human-centric style of customer service into your organization:  

  • Empower your team members by treating well and compensating them fairly 
  • Exclusive training with a very personal approach  
  • Elevating the brand through Ambassadors that share a passion for the brand 
  • Requiring the service to be attentive, responsive and reactive  

It is not just about customer service representative anymore. We don’t even call them that as that is a sign of the times! Brand Ambassadors rule the customer solution world now because that label alone puts them on a whole different level with the customer.  

A brand should feel that each Ambassador represents their company in the best possible way and that means it all starts with them  

Being an attentive, responsive and overachieving Brand Ambassador is a bit of a requirement here at VIPdesk. That means that the training involved in learning the ropes is not just software and phone responses! It is training on how to respond in a human-like way, with compassion, and in an understanding way.  

Benefits of Executing a Human-Centric Customer Service Solution   

Delivering a Human-Centric Customer Experience

There are many benefits to this style of service. This is just the start of a long list of organizational benefits:  

  • Boosts customer satisfaction and reputation 
  • Raises NPS and overall ratings  
  • People like to share good news, the social shares will spread 
  • Being human goes farther than scripts – the data proves it  
  • Reduces churn  
  • Creates loyal and returning customers  

The future is human! It is important to always know that we are all facing daily issues and outside forces together. We never know what someone is going through and we always want to be sure we respect them first and foremost as a human, not anything less.   

The Future of a Human-Centric Brand  

At VIPdesk we are a women-run, mostly virtual customer service solution for luxury brands and brands that care about the customer experience. We simply do not provide service that is standard. We do this by making sure that we work with the right people, have the right training and evolve with the current trends.  

The future of customer service is human-centric and requires a VIP touch, which we have been providing for years. 

The best way to go about customer service solutions in a human-centric way is to follow Maya’s quote… 

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 

Delivering a Human-Centric Customer Experience

More about our services are always available at or please reach out to Othmar at at any time to set up a call to learn how we implement our solutions.  



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