Omni-Channel Support:

Convenience for your customers, peace of mind for your brand

Outsourced Customer Service

We provide customer service, however, wherever, and whenever your customers need it. That is why the world’s most admired brands rely on us to provide highly personalized customer service solutions through our multi-channel suite of services.

Our suite of services include: customer service (via inbound phone, email, chat, SMS/MMS and social media), Social Media Management, Back Office Support, and Virtual Customer Experience Consulting.

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By utilizing a nationally dispersed virtual workforce, we recruit the best-suited Brand Ambassadors (Customer Service Professionals) and tailor programs to the specific needs of each client. In addition, VIPdesk leverages a strong cutting-edge technical infrastructure.

With the tools and resources to handle every interaction, we can track pertinent contact patterns, record calls for quality control€”, effectively capture the voice of the customer and provide new outlets for expanding business for our clients.

Jeff Kramp, VP Technology of VIPdesk Connect is discussing VIPdesk’s cloud-based Aspect / Zipwire platform during the ACE conference in Las Vegas.

Founded in 1997, we are a leader in outsourced customer service and a pioneer in providing high-touch customer care services to brand-conscious companies including premium retailers, luxury travel, consumer products, and financial services companies.

Our primary focus is and always has been to provide our clients with exceptional customer service to create memorable customer experiences.

After a merger in 2010, VIPdesk became a subsidiary of International SOS and successfully became its own corporate entity in early 2014 with the goal to focus all resources on strengthening its position as the premier provider for premium and luxury customer care. VIPdesk is backed and tightly interwoven on many operational levels with International SOS, the largest globally available Loyalty Marketing and Assistance organization. The strategic partnership allows VIPdesk to enhance its state of the art customer service operation with the vast know-how of how to create the most unique and exclusive experience for high net worth individuals around the world.

An industry pioneer in the customer service industry, we are constantly developing innovative product features and services in response to the ever changing needs of our customers, such as:

  • Our uncompromised quest for finding the most talented team members for each client program which led us to expand the recruiting focus and establish the first virtual customer care solution within the Retail, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Travel, and Automotive industries.
  • Developing a suite of security measures which goes far beyond the PCI standard.
  • Being the first to realize that delivering exceptional customer experiences requires capabilities to serve customers through the communication channel of their choice.
  • Being the first to launch a social media customer care solution.
  • Taking customer experience to the next level, by developing VIP touches a suite of high-touch communication enhancements to make the interaction with the brand even more memorable (handwritten cards, welcome calls, private event management and more).

We consistently deliver superior customer service, by aligning the amazing talents of our people to the brands we serve.

Brand Composition

We champion the idea of a true collaborative partnership with our clients and it involves actually working and solving challenges together, as a team.

In this initial phase, we immerse ourselves in the brand to understand what makes it unique. We spend time with our clients, getting a sound understanding of their business and business philosophy. We analyze their products and services, uncovering their goals and objectives.

Next we define the job requirements and key competencies needed for success. We then analyze and discuss current business needs in order to determine the best solutions to maximize profitability; forming a sound strategy to convert customers into raving fans and boost bottom line revenues.


We then assemble the leadership team who work diligently to hire A-players matched exclusively to the brand, using our comprehensive sourcing and recruiting strategy.

Since there are no geographic limitations, we receive thousands of applications per year, giving us the opportunity to select the best of the best.

We perform background checks and a customized assessment to ensure a candidate meets a specific client’s job specifications, ensuring that the talent selected is aligned with the brand. By matching the talent with the brand, we consistently recruit and retain A-Players with reduced attrition.


Our dedicated trainers and customized training programs prepare our Brand Ambassadors to live their brand and meet or exceed the metrics specified. Our Brand Ambassadors get the customers they serve. They are into the same things and speak their language.

Once the Brand Ambassadors are in place, we train associates and configure, customize, and test the system to meet the requirements identified in the Discovery phase. We will also perform comprehensive end-to-end system testing to ensure successful integration.

Fine Tuning

During this phase, we provide a preview of the system and solicit client feedback to ensure that all of the systems are functioning optimally and that service levels are being met.

Amplify Customer Relationships

Finally, we’ll move into the daily operations and management phase. We provide our clients with a steady stream of performance data, always striving to improve processes in order to increase our clients’ bottom lines.

We ensure outstanding customer experiences by providing excellent service to both our clients and their customers.

The bottom line is ‘The client’s bottom line’ is the bottom line.

Our Mission

To provide talented and amazing people the opportunity to live the brands they love – so that we can create raving fans for admired brands.

Our Values

We take our values very seriously; they influence virtually everything we do. Our values make us a better company, and help attract talented team members who deliver amazing service for our clients.

Through clear and honest communications, both internally as well as with our clients, we work hard to share knowledge and information in a way that allows us to be the most successful partner and employer.

Becoming an integral part of our clients marketing platform, daily communication and consistent information sharing is a critical part of our client relationship. Starting with a very straight forward deal structure and cost model; we work with our clients to make sure we are coordinated throughout each and every single step of our partnership.

Commitment to our clients, their customers and to our team members is the backbone of our value proposition. We are passionate about delivering outstanding customer experiences. We do this by striving to always be helpful and by providing suggestions or alternatives. We know this is an integral part of providing great service to one another, our clients and customers.

Through visionary innovation and questioning the status quo, we are constantly improving. We do this to stay in tune with the ever-changing customer experience environment. Our clients’ customers are interested, more than ever, in communicating with their favorite brands through a variety of channels. Whether they choose phone, email, chat, or social media VIPdesk is committed to providing the very latest technologies to enable customers to conveniently interact with the brands we serve.

We deliver amazing experiences with (internal and external) customers at every touchpoint through positive interactions. To us, creating a better experience means not only living up to commitments, but going above and beyond and always striving to be the best. It means asking ourselves how we can differentiate ourselves and make a lasting impression with each and every interaction.

Talent has no limits. Our team allows us to stand out above the rest; that’s why we are constantly on the lookout to attract, develop and retain A-players matched exclusively to our clients’ needs. The uncompromised quest for finding the best people for each client program has led VIPdesk to broaden its distributed team. By having virtual teams, dedicated to each client, we bring the best talent to our clients’ brands, eliminating any geographic hurdles.

We’re nothing if not passionate about what we do. And at the center of that is a culture that celebrates our diversity and brings together thinkers from all over the world. We encourage a balance of good times and excellent service.

Find out more about us on our Path to Good Podcast!

Path to Good Podcast


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VIPdesk Connect, Inc. is officially certified as a woman-owned and woman-controlled business (WBE)




Sally is a fearless and bold entrepreneur with a history of building companies, raising and spending venture capital, merging with a large global brand (okay selling), managing post-merger integration (fun) and spinning-off (actual fun). With years of strategic planning, operations, and business development, she never stops!

Sally is rather obsessed with the customer experience and thinks that customer service should be easy and helpful. Umm, we think so too. We think it’s her 25 years in the concierge and hospitality industry. For that matter, she’ll happily make you an awesome dinner reservation or recommend a cool hotel anywhere in the world.

A woman of many talents; she can ride a 15-foot unicycle. It’s true, she can and she has. When she’s not working (which isn’t very often), you won’t find her on a unicycle anymore; she will more than likely be traveling somewhere fabulous with her family sailing, paddle boarding or skiing. Next trip- Croatia.

Her inspirations? Dad, a fighter pilot in WWII, Mom, bravely stayed home to raise 5, Son Eli-pure joy and would like to have 5 more just like him, her love Mo- fellow entrepreneur and her fearless and bold family, friends and team members.
+1-703-957-0807 (office)
+1-202-262-9002 (mobile)




Othmar Mueller von Blumencron, born and raised in northern Germany, is not only an International Business Executive with a PhD, he’s also an Olympic sailor, a ballroom dancer, a major player in the high-tech industry, a father and most likely a genius. I know he may sound like a fictitious person, but I assure you he is not. He is real and so are his accomplishments.

Othmar has the unique ability to identify new market opportunities for his clients and capitalize on them with lasting financial returns. He is passionate about Loyalty Marketing, Consultative Sales, Business and Product Development. Throughout his multifaceted career, he initiated, managed and implemented major strategic initiatives in Europe, the US and other Global markets within the New Media, Internet, Customer care, Lifestyle and Loyalty Marketing industries.

Besides closing some landmark deals and being an extremely gifted Olympic athlete (who has won competitions across the globe), he is a true family man who loves his kids unconditionally – his two pet birds and his green iguana. He’s honest, kind, social and has the best last name, ever. Try to find someone who doesn’t like him, just try.
(703) 956-6117





Maggie Piper-Presing is our insightful guru that consistently matches the right person to the right position for the right client program. She’s so good at it, it’s almost supernatural.

Maggie has spent the last 8+ years in talent acquisition and is amazing at finding the most elite Brand Ambassadors. She oversees a team of recruitment professionals and works closely with clients and Client Managers to find the right people and she does it with passion, energy and dedication. She is always working on ways to enhance the candidate experience, but never sacrifices on quality!

Maggie has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, as evident with her diverse background, world travels and passion for documentary films.
(844) 874-3472




Valerie Burns is an extremely organized person who gets things done. She has many years of experience in expanding and maintaining virtual call centers for clients in varying industries.

Her primary focus is to manage clients day to day business which includes customer relationships, performance and acquiring new business. Beyond her organizational skills, she has impeccable management skills and execution is her passion. It shows, because she always gets things done on time and on target.

Perhaps her secret to being so organized is the fact that she starts her day before the sun rises or maybe the dark reminds her of Alaska where she lived for 21 years. Either way, she does like her down- time and enjoys quilting, jogging and reading with her Golden Retriever, Max and her Calico Cat, Ms. Kitty.
(315) 404-3396





Jeff Kramp has come a long way since owning his first Commodore 64. His intrinsic love and skill for technology has led him from a support role to developer and now he reigns the title; Vice President of Technology, which he wears very well.

Jeff is gifted with a bird’s eye view, always looking at the bigger picture. He produces creative, streamlined solutions for in-house applications and continues coding in his down-time. He speaks javascript, php, node, drupal, xmpp and many other languages most cannot understand. The good thing is he doesn’t expect you to know or understand, he just makes things work. He enthusiastically embraces the new and aims to fill in any missing gaps.

With the amount of major and successful implementations he’s led, its a mystery whether or not he ever sleeps.

When he’s not being a tech junky you will find him traveling (more than likely to Las Vegas), cooking (vegetarian style) or camping with his family.
(844) 874-3472





Jennifer Vinciguerra embodies the word humanity and reveals her own each and every day. Her motivation and developmental skills help others to experience their own ‘aha’ moment, which is what continues to drive her passion for employee development and HR as a whole.

She’s not just incredibly positive and patient, she’s really smart too. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology and recently graduated with her Master’s in Organization Development from American University. Additionally, she has over 10 years of progressive experience in Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

Jennifer is great at multi-tasking and no matter what she’s doing, she’s probably listening to a podcast. Oh and if you see her eating a Chipotle burrito, don’t ask for a bite. She is obsessed with them and probably won’t share.
(844) 874-3472


We are proud to partner with an impressive array of leading, luxury and lifestyle brands. As more companies look to outsource customer service, they are demanding providers have experience in their industry with proven expertise to meet their unique needs.

We understand your industry.

Because our client-partners are leaders in their industries, we make it our business to learn about yours, no matter what industry you’re in. We also recognize that each of our clients faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and we embrace every chance to learn about and stay at the forefront of the issues in the industries we serve. Learn about our industry affiliations.

We serve many of the world’s leading luxury brands, specializing in beauty, fragrance, fine jewelry, watches, eyewear, footwear and more. The foundation of a true luxury brand is defined by exceptional servicethat is where VIPdesk Connect comes in.

We have a proven track record of offering experiences that are unique and adapted to the individual needs of our

We provide amazing, talented people the opportunity to live the brands they love across all channels. Whether your customers choose to interact with your brand on the phone, through chat, social media or email, they will receive the same amazing experience at each and every touch-point.

Whether your clients choose to shop in your upscale department store, boutique or online, we know that the same superior service must be experienced at each critical touch-point. We make your customers’ virtual experience as fabulous as the in-store experience.

We know that providing superior service is the foundation of building long-term relationships between financial institutions and their customers. We also know that security and compliance is critical in securing your customers data, that is why our specially trained elite brand ambassadors are extensively trained in policies and procedures to ensure the utmost privacy of their personal and financial information. You can rest assured your customer data will remain safeguarded, as we are committed to your security—from our highly trained team to our tier 1 PCI compliance.

Our financial services include, but are not limited to: account information and servicing, billing inquiries, customer care support, customer loyalty programs, upsells and cross-sells, payment reminders and back office support.

We know that providing superior service is the foundation of building long-term relationships between financial institutions and their customers. We also know that security and compliance is critical in securing your customers data, that is why our specially trained elite brand ambassadors are extensively trained in policies and procedures to ensure the utmost privacy of their personal and financial information. You can rest assured your customer data will remain safeguarded, as we are committed to your security; from our highly trained team to our tier 1 PCI compliance.

Our financial services include, but are not limited to; account information and servicing, billing inquiries, customer care support, customer loyalty programs, upsells and cross-sells, payment reminders and back office support.

We are committed to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing superior service for the world’s leading luxury automotive brands. Our team of brand ambassadors have the knowledge and expertise to help accelerate customer retention in this highly competitive industry.

Our outsourced automotive services include, but are not limited to: automotive sales and support, loan account information and servicing, as well as automotive consulting.

We provide outsourcing solutions for media and entertainment companies, many of which have a unique customer base.

We align brand ambassadors with the distinct qualities needed to provide the specialized service they demand.

We have extensive experience supporting membership services companies and know what it takes to maintain loyal members in any membership, continuity or subscription program. We will provide a dedicated team of elite brand ambassadors that not only knows your products and/or services inside and out—but also will provide superior service and support, keeping them loyal and committed to your program.



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